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will i get a lot of replies if i write "i hate fake anorexics" in the subject here?

yay pittsburgh. apparently everyone's boyfriends live there, except mine. oh yeah, i dont have one. lol, but yay for pittsburgh.

oh, and may i remind you guys.

half the girls on my buddy list starving yourselves thinking you're going to get thin that way - listen, you won't.

not eating = sends body into starvation mode. your metabolism slows down. you might lose like, ten pounds at first, and then it gets harder and harder to lose it. it's really stupid, because as soon as you crack and have that one cookie, it's going to be metabolized really slowly, and you'll just gain the weight back if you stay on the same grounds with eating again + 5 pounds more.

if you're trying to lose weight, don't stop eating, just eat reasonably, and excercise, it's really the only way to do it. you can't be lazy and then think you'll lose weight by just not eating.
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