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down here in the atmosphere, garbage and city lights.

this song is perfect for me. i think honestly, its like my song. i dont know. but it makes me feel, at peace with everything, which is really hard to find, i've been through so many weird emotions this summer, that its hard to settle through them all and i cant pick them apart, and then i have this angry buzzing in my mind.

i honestly dont even know what im feeling anymore. im just putting away the bad emotions, and trying to be happy and to just deal. im going to get out of this funk, or at least try really really hard. because i won't be able o take myself as this angry black and white grey monotone person, it just wont work. i want to be something i can actually not resent, or regret that i didnt have fun in my life, life is short, i want to make the most out of it. i have to learn how to stop over-analyzing, and to actually put my mind to something. i want to be able to take care of myself, and not fall apart. just do it. you know? its going to be hard but i'll teach myself. im not going to just let myself fall into this depression, and be sad and hurt, compelled to just breathe because my body does it involuntarily.

" gonna' save your tired soul, gonna' save our lives. turn on the radio to find you on satellite. im waiting for the sky to fall, i'm waiting for a sign. and all we are, is all so far. you're falling back to me- the star that i can't see. i know you're out there, somewhere out there. you're falling out of reach, defying gravity, i know you're out there, somewhere out there. "
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